Ines de Castro

Written by James Macmillan
World Premiere
Scottish Opera, Edinburgh International Festival
Featured in Porto 2001, European City of Culture

"World Premieres are always exciting: the atmosphere electric, the anticipation tangible. James Macmillan's debut opera, Ines de Castro let no-one down. This piece immediately fascinates and eventually shatters you."

Daily Express

"What was impressive was the production by Jonathan Moore which gave the work a dramatic logic that could easily be overlooked."

Opera Now, November/December 2000

"The score can then visit some exotic locations. These have been eagerly seized upon by Jonathan Moore in his staging so that the action can erupt into physicality. Moore has done a very fine job in presenting the work and its arguments."

Andrew Clements, The Guardian

"Above all, the direction was both intelligent and ambitious, showing an unerring sense of the appropriate tone and intensity for each scene."

Nel Diago, "Musica" in Carteleria Turia